Interview // Anna Meredith


Rosie Davies talks to Scottish Album Of The Year winner Anna Meredith about her latest project.

Photo credit: Kate Bones.

Photo credit: Kate Bones.

People are, apparently, surprised to find out that Anna Meredith’s music has been written by a woman. If her music was, God forbid, marketed by Nestlé she’d be a grab bag of Mexican Chilli McCoys or a Yorkie. NOT FOR GIRLS!!!! Lol.

It feels like a betrayal to something or someone to whisper, “Yeah, I can kind of see what they mean.”

TYCI Heart Performance: Spring Season Highlights


Next up in our (ir)regular series on all things theatre and performance, a new year special. Your TYCI correspondent Miss Bee whispers gently in your ear about what she thinks are not to-miss theatrical events for your Spring 2014 calendar.

The second week of January – back to work week for most but for theatre fans better known as the week we bid a fond but timely farewell to panto for yet another year, and start cracking the backs of all those spring season brochures we’ve been hoarding. And I am PUMPED to share with you here some of my findings, the ones that have got my heart racing. You guys: 2014 is going to be an awesome year for theatre.

Since it is an inherently political art form, the year of referendum was always going to lend a frenetic energy to the Scottish theatre landscape, add to this the Cultural Commonwealth legacy of a £4 million arts fund and you begin to get the sense of what a mammoth year for performance this could be. Having said that, the pieces I’ve highlighted below are not necessarily the biggest or shiniest but some of what I feel could be the most exciting – where the seeds of all this political energy could settle and something new might grow. So read on and, as ever, let me know what I’ve missed in the comments.

Lucy Skaer Exhibition


Glasgow’s Tramway is hosting a new solo exhibition by artist Lucy Skaer.

lucy s

Tramway says:

For her most ambitious solo exhibition in the UK since the Turner prize in 2009, Lucy Skaer presents a new body of work spanning ceramics, film, litho and wood-cut prints and sculpture. Exit, Voice and Loyalty takes its title from economist Albert O. Hirschman’s essay on how change comes about through dissent.

Using a diverse array of materials, both mass-produced and handcrafted, the exhibition presents various overlapping orders of time and memory, the historic and the domestic. Skaer explores the ways in which language, meaning and value is associated and embedded in these materials.