When Oh When, Will We Stop Misusing The Power Of The Press?


Stephanie Watson discusses the problems with mainstream media, and her hopes for the future of the press.

When we think of the phrase β€œThe Power of the Press,” it conjures up quite a regal image of clean news rooms and professional suits walking around with microphones and notepads. Alternatively it may imply the opposite, gritty underground zine distros with unpaid punk rockers covered in printer ink, and coated in the truth.

The Power Of The Mockingbird


A tribute to the late Harper Lee by new TYCI contributor Stephanie Watson.


On the 19 February this year, beloved author Harper Lee passed away due to natural causes. The world lost a great author that day, and a powerful woman. Of course her main work almost needs no introduction; To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a staple of American literature, and the sequel Go Set a Watchman – which turned out to be essentially the first draft of Mockingbird – has quickly turned into a cult classic.