Interview: Sarah J Stanley


Anna Hodgart talks to artist and musician Sarah J. Stanley ahead of the launch of her first graphic novel Stealing Stuff and Putting it Back Again.


Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about your work and background to date?

I’m Sarah J Stanley, an artist and musician based in Glasgow and I suppose I would describe my work and background to date as, scraping by trying to sustain the time and sanity to keep making art. I’ve been working as an artist professionally for almost 10 years now after leaving Gray’s School of Art with my BA(hons) in fine art. Also, I’ve been banging on at music much the same way, with very little ambition for greatness but not being able to leave it alone for the life of me. I mainly paint but drawing and some illustration (when it makes a buck) are also part of my work. To say I exhibit internationally is accurate, but sounds more prestigious than it is. Art is a slow as hell growing career, harrowing and pretty thankless. I’m giving it until age 80 to really have made something of myself, which I think is realistic. I often think I had all my best ideas from ages 0-5 and I imagine it might take until I’m about 80 to outwork them. So here’s hoping / not hoping.