We are so excited about our International Women’s Day Pop-up Festival we can hardly stand still! It marks a lot of firsts for TYCI – our first collaboration with Stereo, our first partnership with Glasgow Women’s Library (all proceeds from the event go directly to them), our first time working with some awesome bands, but crucially this is our first ever event that involves performance art and theatre! TYCI and Stereo asked four groups of the most exciting performance artists and theatre-makers we could get our grubby paws on to create new ten minute performance pieces specially for our event. And they bloody went and said yes!

They are:

Swim Team – performance meets music with the charming faces of Claire Willoughby, Matt Regan and Harry Wilson. They play games, they write songs, they share them with you.

FK Alexander – radical performance artist who wishes she had been a singer. She makes performances that are either extremely long (last piece was five hours, others have been up to 8 hours) or very short (3 minutes – the perfect pop song!) Her work incorporates singing karaoke style, singing in unison and working with DJs and bands. She says: ‘the recent five hour piece I did was me signing ‘Over the Rainbow’ along with a recording of Judy Garland – SO. MUCH. FUN.”

Emily Reutlinger and Frances Poet – an exciting, adventurous and perfect pairing of a director / theatre-maker collaborating with playwright and dramaturg.

Ruth Mills – right on choreographer, movement director and performer. (Jump, Whatever Gets You Through The Night). Ruth teams her expertise in contemporary dance with a passion for new music and film and her work often extends out of theatre into film and music videos, most recently in collaboration with RM Hubbert for his single Bolt. She says, “My work is provocative, emotional and aims to bring light to the dark.”