Matriarchs: the things my mother and grandmother taught me


Today on the blog, Amy Conway writes about her relationship with her mother and grandmother ahead of her new show on the subject, 30:60:80 opening tonight in Glasgow.


It is a story she has told many times but I never tire of hearing how my grandma used to go out dancing five nights a week when she was a teenager. This memory of breezy hedonism, storming the dancehalls of Leeds on such a regular basis, still fills my grandmother with joy and nostalgia. ‘And ten to one I got a date on a Sunday night’ she proudly tells me. It was an age of youthful freedom for her and one that she still treasures even now; made all the more precious by the fact that it was short-lived, being that she would become a wife and mother by the age of 20. Not to say that her enjoyment of life ended there by any means. She went on to have three children, a happy marriage and great friends that she deeply mourns for as she outlives more and more of them. At the age of 80, she has lived a rich life. Yet there is perhaps a longing there for a life that could have been, opportunities that were never available and choice that never materialised.