PINS: On The Road


Faith Vern, singer of the Manchester band PINS, shares some photographs that she took on the band’s latest US tour as part of TYCI’s EXPLORATION series.


Spine #5


Today on the blog, Laura Waddell writes the latest article in our Spine series, a new regular book club feature for TYCI.


Recently I’ve been reading more non-fiction, partially out of a long-held vague intention to educate
myself more about visual art, and partially because there’s some compelling narrative non-fiction
capturing my attention right now.

Why I Heart: Annie Leibovitz


Every single day in March, a different contributor will be talking about a woman they admire, all in honour of International Women’s Day which is celebrated annually on 8 March. Today, photographer Rachael Wright shares her love for Annie Leibovitz.


There was a time, early on in my photography career, when my learning curve had plateaued and I felt like I was getting nowhere. Something had gone awry on a shoot and I had spiralled into negative thinking. I lay in bed that Saturday morning thinking maybe I should just give up. Then Annie Leibovitz popped into my head. I don’t know why. I didn’t know much about her at the time, so I started googling her work and finding out about her.

Interview: Joanna Kiely


Lea Brinon speaks to London-based photographer Joanna Kiely about her work and involvement in the Girls Don’t Do That zine.


21 year old Joanna Kiely has been a photographer for five years. Her style – unique, vibrant and committed – caught my eyes instantly when I looked through a photos series of hers. Through her composition, dominated by punchy colours and geometrical figures, Joanna creates a work “revolving around gender and perception”, taking “colourful and satirical” pictures. Kiely also runs the collective Girls Don’t Do That, aiming to show how omnipresent sexism is in our society and introducing us to new and talented female artists.

Interview: No Filter Project


From pop music videos to celebrity magazine covers, we are all too often bombarded with conflicting messages of what it means to have the ‘perfect’ body. “Too fat”, “too skinny”, “too pale” and “too short” are just some of the statements spouted by the mainstream media on a daily basis, perpetuating the problem of body image issues. 

Emma Diamond, from Paisley, decided enough was enough and, along with photographer friend Donna McGowan, started the No Filter Project, a photo-based “Body Image Awareness Revolution”. TYCI spoke to Emma to find out more about the project and how others can get involved.

no filter 1

How did the No Filter Project start? What were the reasons behind it?

I had the idea for the project a while back, and when I mentioned it to Donna she was really keen to get on board, so it’s totally grown from there. I think it’s something everyone has a strong opinion on, and affects everyone in one way or another. After having conversations with my friends I realised we’re all really unkind to ourselves, and are constantly comparing ourselves to other people now. This has got even worse recently as now we’re not only being shown untrue images from the media, but now also through social media.

Calling All Photographers!



As you probably know TYCI curates and puts on live events once a month and, as well as putting out special zines, we like to document things.

We are looking for photographers that would be interested in shooting these live events! Since TYCI is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation, the work is currently unpaid but full credit and links to photographer’s websites is always included wherever the images are used.

If you are interested please email contact.tyci@gmail.com.

Our next event is at Stereo on 16th August with Swim Team and All The Rage DJs. It promises to be a lively affair!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Team TYCI x

Photos from TYCI Live (May)


Photos from our May live event in Bloc with Ruby and Manda Rin are now online!



Photography by Sophie Morrison. Check out the full album on our Facebook page.

Goose Flesh Launch #3


Glasgow based photography zine, Goose Flesh, will be launching its third issue this Thursday in Street Level Photoworks. Goose Flesh was founded by photographer Sarah Fishlock. You can read our interview with her here. Details and times of the preview can be found below. We hope to see you there!

goose flesh

Females of the Fringe


Amanda Aitken interviews photographer Jessica McDermott on her recent project, Females of the Fringe.

Susan Calman

“You don’t have as much of a licence to fail as men. I got a gig pulled because they had a woman comedian the month before who no-one liked.” – Susan Calman


Photography: Stacey Walton


Today on TYCI, we showcase some new photography by Stacey Walton.