Travelling Alone


Maria Moore looks back at the things she learned by taking a solo trip around Europe as part of our EXPLORATION series.

Nice, France.

Nice, France.

The year I graduated from university, I was a shell of a person. I was suffering from the stress of university life and it had triggered feelings of depression and anxiety. I had a lot of good stuff in my life, a caring boyfriend and good friends, I was studying a subject I loved and I lived by the sea. But somewhere along the way I had lost myself.

The Power Of Fiction


Maria Moore tells us how fiction has taken over her life – in the best possible way.

Maria Moore 4

I’m not sure if it was a conscious thing at first, but at some point I began to escape into fictional worlds.

Sweet Sixteen Saturdays


Maria Moore writes the latest in our nostalgic series offering a bit of advice to our sixteen-year-old selves.

Hi 16-year-old Maria,

It’s me (/you), 24-year-old Maria. Crazy, right?

A lot has changed in the last eight years and I’m trying to remember what you’re like, and what it’s like being sixteen, but it’s all quite fuzzy. You have a tendency to not think about the past too much, and that’s something you should work on trying to stop. Just because something’s bad, doesn’t mean it’s not worth remembering. And, spoiler alert, it really wasn’t that bad anyway.

Naomi Wolf – Women of the World


Maria Moore went to see Naomi Wolf talk as part of the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre in London. Here, she shares with TYCI her opinions on the event.

A room of 700 strangers probably isn’t the most obvious environment to talk about vaginas, female pleasure, and masturbation, but for two hours at the Southbank Centre last Saturday it was exactly the right place. Naomi Wolf discussed all these things and more, turning “taboo” subjects on their heads and exploring them for what they are – fun, interesting, and important issues. As a bit of a prude, I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable hearing these things discussed so openly but I did and, more than that, I really enjoyed it.
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