In our latest episode, Lauren and Amanda talk about where we’ve been and where we’re going, and Lauren calls up Jenn Wasner (Flock Of Dimes / Wye Oak) about post-tour blues, the election and what we can do now:

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Friday We’re In Love … KATY PERRY


Five Music Videos That Exploit Lesbianism


The fourth instalment in the series Catriona Reilly and Ciara Maguire’s Five Things series, we discuss music videos that exploit lesbianism.

Whilst lesbians are becoming more accepted in the media, they aren’t fully there yet, and it’s still shocking and gossip-column worthy when lesbians or lesbian imagery finds its way into the mainstream. One media outlet that has picked up on the attention grabbing potential of the lesbian is the music video. Whilst actual lesbian artists (aside from a few obvious examples – KD LANG AND TEGAN AND SARA REPRESENT) are still fairly invisible to mainstream hetero audiences, there are hordes of non-lesbian / bisexual identifying artists getting down and dirty with other girls in their videos. It’s a surefire way to spark controversy and benefit from the scandalous associations of lesbianism without actually having to be one of those pesky muff divers (sorry, I know).

 1.Katy Perry- I Kissed A Girl        

Perhaps the most obvious and most insulting is Katy Perry’s tale of how she kissed a girl (and liked it) is the quintessential example of a straight woman profiting from a cheeky lesbian encounter. She might have kissed a girl, but don’t worry, her boyfriend doesn’t mind it. She’s definitely not ACTUALLY into women; it’s just an experimental game / no big deal / just something to try on. Adding insult to injury, Katy also sings the beautiful homo anthem Ur So Gay, with the inspiring lyric, ‘I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf’. Ah! The LGBTQ community are so lucky to have an ally like Katy…

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1. Girls Like Us – PINS
2. Tookah – Emiliana Torrini
3. Dreams – Wet
4. Swan Dive – Waxahatchee
5. It Takes Two – Katy Perry
6. Run Fast – The Julie Ruin

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Alunageorge – Attracting Flies

Neko Case – Man

Speedy Ortiz – No Below

Katy Perry – Wide Awake

SOAK – Sea Creatures

Tuff Love – Penguin

Kate Boy – The Way We Are