Interview // Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit)


Kathleen Coyle interviews Liela Moss about the band’s latest EP, ‘Serenade’.


‘Serenade’ feels like the natural successor to ‘Follow’, which was more upbeat than previous tracks on ‘KIN’. Heartbreak reverberated throughout the album, but a serenade suggests a celebration of love. Will the next album be more sanguine in tone?

I think most of the lyrics that tumble out of my head, oscillate between an optimistic vision of the triumph of humanity over fear, or the pessimism of losing love and being separate from the whole. So regarding the next record as it emerges, well it will doubtless peer into both of those realms, and come out blinking!

When Will Men (And Women) Join The Battle For Wage Equality In Hollywood?


Kathleen Coyle writes about the recent discussions surrounding wage inequality in the movie industry.


Jennifer Lawrence has been making her voice heard about the gender pay gap in Hollywood lately. Her awareness of the disparate gap emerged when she realised that she was being paid significantly less than her Hunger Games counterparts Chris Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

Women In Film: Reese Witherspoon and Pacific Standard


Kathleen Coyle discusses Reese Witherspoon’s production company Pacific Standard, and the role and treatment of women in film.


For too long, stories that represent women leading realistic and complicated lives have gone untold in Hollywood. They have been minimised in favour of cleaner roles that ignore the more serious issues that can affect women throughout their lives. After a series of top-level meetings where it was clear that complex, multi-layered roles were not being developed for women, Reese Witherspoon took matters into her hands.

Why I Heart: Julie Delpy


Every day in March, a different writer will be talking about a woman they admire, all in honour of International Women’s Day. Today, new TYCI contributor Kathleen Coyle talks about her love of actress, writer, director and musician Julie Delpy.


“I was six years old when I saw my first Godard movie, eight when I first experienced Bergman. I wanted to be a director when I was fourteen.” And directing movies and acting in movies is exactly what Delpy has focussed on for the past thirty years, despite women’s continued battle against the odds within the film industry.