Today on the blog, Laura Waddell writes the latest article in our Spine series, a new regular book club feature for TYCI.

Welcome back to SPINE, a TYCI book column.

After the first column went out, I was utterly thrilled some of you came to chat to me on twitter about the books. Many of you told me you had also been put off by the misleading Elena Ferrante covers but had gone on to love the novels as much as I do. It’s a universal tale. One reader even made a book jacket to hide the cover, and was tempted to call in sick to work to keep reading. I cannot condone this, but I truly understand.

I work at a publisher, and we’re now well into the pre-Christmas book launch period. I’m surrounded by books but to actually read them I’ve been struggling for time – aren’t we all? I’ve been thinking about one of the most important things I learned during my English literature degree: to read everywhere there is a gap – on the underground, in a queue. It is my new reading mantra, or I would never find time for personal reading.

Here’s what I’ve been reading recently.