Declaration Line-Up Revealed!


TYCI recently announced our jubilation at being asked to collaborate with Declaration Festival for another year. (more…)



TYCI is delighted to be teaming up for the second year with Declaration Festival.


Revolution Girl Style Now Returns!


Revolution Girl Style Now returns to Edinburgh for its fourth show! 


In May of this year, Selkie Music Agency founder, Ashley Stein made the decision to start a new diversifying gig night in Edinburgh.

Interview: Girls Rock School Edinburgh


TYCI speaks to Caroline Kemp, one of the women aiming to start up a Girls Rock School branch in Scotland.


Tell us a bit about Girls Rock School.

Our aim is to encourage women and girls to take up instruments and play in bands.  We think its important to have more women playing, to inspire women and girls following them to do the same, and to make it appear more normal rather than the exception. GRS workshops are open to everyone, regardless of age or ability.  We’re trans inclusive, and not adverse to cis men turning up, although we’re guessing that it’ll be pretty self-selecting.  I guess the only people we actually want to exclude are people who would be patronising or unpleasant to the other participants, which would defeat the purpose of it being a safe space.  The workshops will be free or by donation, and will be held in Edinburgh, at various venues, some of which may end up being people’s flats!

Preview: Pussy Whipped Festival


TYCI are excited to be running a zine stall at this year’s Pussy Whipped festival in Edinburgh.

pw logo

The festival, which describes itself as “a celebration of underground queer feminist culture”, takes place from 25-27 April at Wee Red Bar with live music, film, workshops, performances and political discussions. Designed to challenge homo / bi / transphobia and sexism, this year’s festival is funder by Awards For All Scotland.

TYCI Heart Performance: Spring Season Highlights


Next up in our (ir)regular series on all things theatre and performance, a new year special. Your TYCI correspondent Miss Bee whispers gently in your ear about what she thinks are not to-miss theatrical events for your Spring 2014 calendar.

The second week of January – back to work week for most but for theatre fans better known as the week we bid a fond but timely farewell to panto for yet another year, and start cracking the backs of all those spring season brochures we’ve been hoarding. And I am PUMPED to share with you here some of my findings, the ones that have got my heart racing. You guys: 2014 is going to be an awesome year for theatre.

Since it is an inherently political art form, the year of referendum was always going to lend a frenetic energy to the Scottish theatre landscape, add to this the Cultural Commonwealth legacy of a £4 million arts fund and you begin to get the sense of what a mammoth year for performance this could be. Having said that, the pieces I’ve highlighted below are not necessarily the biggest or shiniest but some of what I feel could be the most exciting – where the seeds of all this political energy could settle and something new might grow. So read on and, as ever, let me know what I’ve missed in the comments.

Interview – Mary Bourke


Jannica Honey talks to comedian Mary Bourke at her work and ideas on modern feminism.


‘Are you some kind of Marie Antoinette of stand-up comedy?’, I ask Irish comedian Mary Bourke as she opens a big green door and shows me into a large flat which belongs to Edinburgh comedy club The Stand.

She had asked me to bring cakes to the interview and not to be boring so I’m trying my best. I did get some cakes, but I’m still not sure if she was truly entertained by my chat about the Orange Lodge and blow jobs at an Eminem gig in Slane during our interview at her Edinburgh show back in September.

Women Are Funny Too, You Know


Cathryn Hanley debunks some of the myths surrounding women in comedy.

In the past decade, thanks to lady comic greats like Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Catherine Tate, and Kristen Wiig, women have finally pushed to the front ranks of what has long been the Old Boy’s Club of comedy. However, there is still the commonly held belief that women, for purported biological or social reasons, simply aren’t as funny as men. I sat down with three friends of mine involved in the New York improv and sketch comedy scene and chat about their experience and perspective as ladies in comedy.

Vanity Fair Photo

[Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler posing for an April 2008 issue of Vanity Fair magazine]


TYCI Heart Performance – An Edinburgh Festival Fringe Jumping Off Point


The first in a series of (semi) regular articles where your trusty TYCI correspondent Anna Hodgart melts her mind in front of your very eyes about all things theatre, performance and stuff on stage. Kick-starting the series is a handy breakdown of the must-see shows hitting this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

 photo Fringe_logo_Yellowbird_RGB_zps21218fff.jpg

So, August is upon us and I can tell by the haunted look in your eyes and the tiny beads of sweat on your upper lip that you, like me, find this a challenging time of year. What to do, where to crash, what to see? For the indecisive, and I count myself in their number, the overwhelming amount of shows to choose from, panel discussions and training days to sign up to – means that by the time you’ve plucked up the courage to crack the cover of a fringe brochure, everything good’s sold out. You end up seeing a pal’s show and something you’ve never heard of but whose tickets were on sale in the half price hut. Your feet hurt, and you eat too much falafel and every bag, pocket, nook and cranny about you is stuffed full of leaflets from folk you felt sorry for. But this is the year that changes. ‘Cause – hey, you guys! It’s your lucky day! We good folk at TYCI have been trawling through that brochure for you!

So, get your diaries oot and your biros ready. What I mention below is a glimpse into the plethora of work that’s out there, there’s so much more to discover – so let this be our diving board and we’ll all jump in together.

Next Generation Feminists at the Scottish Parliament


 photo 271228_583629218343698_656387694_o_zps09768ef5.jpg

For more information, head to http://www.vawpreventionscotland.org.uk/node/3235.