Make Up


Emily Benita writes the first in our SECRETS AND LIES themed series – a personal essay on her relationship with makeup.

Emily B

I pick my spots. Compulsively.

If you’ve not got a compulsive streak, I’m not sure how to adequately explain to you what it feels like. The closest I can get is that it’s the worst itch coming from the deepest part of you, one that is out of reach, doesn’t have a centre point, but you keep reaching for it all the same. With a blunt hook.

What Is Beauty?


New TYCI contributor Aya Prita Belia writes an opinion piece on the idea of ‘beauty’ in the modern day.


What is “beauty”?

Whenever I have asked my female friends, they have almost unanimously answered, “long black raven straight hair that falls naturally on your shoulder”, “tall”, “fair skin”, “slim legs”. This seems to be the recurring theme where I come form, like it has been a universal standard of physical beauty. My best friend, meanwhile, is trying to follow a diet program because she is tired of people calling her fat. Surely something is wrong here?

Get A Body, Go To The Beach


Rosie Roberts muses on why moving to the Mediterranean has had the opposite effect on her body image / vanity then she thought it would…


In May this year I got accepted into a postgraduate art course in Cyprus. Along with all the super amazing excitement of going, I had niggling worries in my head about my ‘beach body’. The art school is (as I researched instantly on google maps) 11 minutes from the beach and therefore a lot of time would presumably be spent in a swimsuit. Paranoia and neurosis ensued.