What Is Beauty?


New TYCI contributor Aya Prita Belia writes an opinion piece on the idea of ‘beauty’ in the modern day.


What is “beauty”?

Whenever I have asked my female friends, they have almost unanimously answered, “long black raven straight hair that falls naturally on your shoulder”, “tall”, “fair skin”, “slim legs”. This seems to be the recurring theme where I come form, like it has been a universal standard of physical beauty. My best friend, meanwhile, is trying to follow a diet program because she is tired of people calling her fat. Surely something is wrong here?

Naomi Wolf – Women of the World


Maria Moore went to see Naomi Wolf talk as part of the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre in London. Here, she shares with TYCI her opinions on the event.

A room of 700 strangers probably isn’t the most obvious environment to talk about vaginas, female pleasure, and masturbation, but for two hours at the Southbank Centre last Saturday it was exactly the right place. Naomi Wolf discussed all these things and more, turning “taboo” subjects on their heads and exploring them for what they are – fun, interesting, and important issues. As a bit of a prude, I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable hearing these things discussed so openly but I did and, more than that, I really enjoyed it.
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