Interview // Anna Meredith


Rosie Davies talks to Scottish Album Of The Year winner Anna Meredith about her latest project.

Photo credit: Kate Bones.

Photo credit: Kate Bones.

People are, apparently, surprised to find out that Anna Meredith’s music has been written by a woman. If her music was, God forbid, marketed by Nestlé she’d be a grab bag of Mexican Chilli McCoys or a Yorkie. NOT FOR GIRLS!!!! Lol.

It feels like a betrayal to something or someone to whisper, “Yeah, I can kind of see what they mean.”

TYCI chats to Anna Meredith



Last week, award-winning and celebrated composer Anna Meredith led a four-day residency as part of Brighter Sound‘s Artistic Director Series in Manchester. Alongside guitarist and composer Jack Ross, and visual artist Eleanor Meredith, the residency provided an opportunity for young and emerging female musicians and multidisciplinary artists to collaborate and create new work inspired by the Wonder Materials:Graphene and Beyond exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Produced as part of the programme for the Science in the City Festival, and in wider celebration of Manchester as the European City of Science 2016, the work will premiere at the museum’s Science in The City Late event tomorrow (Wednesday 27 July). Before the residency began, Stacey Walton conversed with Anna over email…

IWD2016 – New Artist Playlist


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We couldn’t let International Women’s Day pass without a playlist! We have compiled 20 tracks of new artists, there is everything here from grime to experimental. Put on your headphones or turn those speakers up and discover some new music!

If you like what you hear, please take the time to investigate further. This really is an impressive list of talented artists!